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About the Brand

Pure and Italian silk is like a blank canvas for the stylist Hana Khalil. From this fine fabric and from raw materials like linen, cotton and handmade embroidery, Hana creates pieces in limited editions that transform the female closet into an art gallery.

With a sophisticated look, the brand is inspired by the 70’s avant-garde and the artistic movements that have transformed the world, offering complete collections with bikinis, swimsuits, panneaux, blouses, trousers, skirts and dresses. The pieces transpire a resort style and are versatile, flowing smoothly between the beach and other more sophisticated surroundings, such as a fancy dinner or an art exhibit.

Classic Brazilian references reign in the brand’s creations. The prints are developed by plastic artists. The modeling brings organic shapes and lots of movement, which accompany the female body in all its forms, valuing the natural beauty of women.

All this produced in her own atelier with the care of using natural, technological and UV-protected fabrics.

The stylist

A lawyer by training, aesthete by passion and entrepreneur by trade, Hana Khalil found in the fashion industry the space to express her love for art. Her personal universe is wrapped by colors, shapes, photographs, sculptures and canvases, references that have become signatures of her brand.

The vocation to transform her artistic inspirations into authentic and versatile clothing comes from her artisan heritage. Since early age, Hana designed crochet bikinis that were tailor-made by her grandmother. The pieces, with a typically Brazilian DNA, were successful and awakened in her a desire to go further.

Always evolving, the stylist had St. Martins school, one of the most respected institutes of art and design of the world, as the cradle of her formation. The connection was so great that London became a constant destination to enrich her cultural baggage with courses in fashion, fine arts and design.


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